Unplugged – Preparing for Cloud Computing & PDC

I have just finished a road trip talking to developers about preparing for cloud computing, Silverlight 2, IE8 and upcoming announcements at PDC.

The session was intended as a high level over-view to set the scene for the next wave of IT trends and development technologies hitting us square between the eyes at PDC in just under two weeks time.

The start of the presentation is inspired by a very popular talk that Miha Kralj gave at Tech.Ed on the future of IT. I contacted Miha to see if he was comfortable representing his material on cloud computing in my unplugged session which he agreed to. I recommend checking out Miha’s discussion with Rob O’Neill for more context on this topic.


Microsoft senior architect Miha Kralj discusses the future of computing with Computerworld editor Rob O'Neill.

Download High resolution versions of the above presentation in three parts

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The demo section on 76design Jewelers in the middle of my presentation was prepared for the Right Click event that I was presenting at the same time as unplugged and you can read more about what was shown and how to implement the demos over here.

The Trey Research Demo – is available as part of the US Tech.Ed Keynote (6 mins 28 secs). 

The Client Syndication Starter Kit for building experience like the New York Times reader is available as a beta now.

The final section on REST and WCF was inspired by the REST in WCF Blog Series, and as mentioned the next phase which is coming in a few weeks at PDC.

The recent Steve Ballmer – Driving innovation forward. talk is also availble online.

Following on from all this there are a couple of good videos on Channel9 that set the scene for PDC.

Countdown to PDC2008: King of the Geeks, Scott Guthrie, Previews PDC Keynote

Countdown to PDC2008: What the heck are Microsoft’s Live Platform Services? Treadwell Tells All!

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