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Social Media is not a place to conduct one-way advertising blitzes so we are trying something new for Tech.Ed this year and this is your chance to get involved.


More than five years ago Microsoft Researcher Gordon Bell started digitizing his entire life as part of his MyLifeBits project these days the concept has spread beyond oneself to include a person's life and also their network of friends. The most popular feature of Facebook is the news feed where people update their presence information.

This was the beginning of the presence network phenomenon. Twitter evolved this technique from pure broadcast to conversational.  

Twitter is a bit like "fight club" those on twitter don't talk about twitter but those using it tend to be the influencers setting the trends. 

The domain of the conversational blog post has almost shifted completely to twitter. Twitter is where "stories break".

But Twitter is not accessible to everyone so combining feeds from traditional means such as blogging and tagging to presence networks such as twitter is the start of what is being termed "Lifestreaming". If social media is to remain useful, then steps must be taken to alleviate the strain of information and provide useful means to consolidate and add-value (comment on what is being said).

One approach is to aggregate information about activities across all the networks we participate in at one location. Such locations are commonly called "lifestreaming applications." Two of these applications, FriendFeed and Swurl we are using for Tech.Ed NZ to stay on top of what you are saying about the event. I encourage you to comment on anything you read here as well.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you become part of the conversation around Tech.Ed NZ

1. Tag your content!

Whether you are using twitter, Technorati, delicious, flickr or whatever we need to be able to find you. Use the tag tenz8 and we will find you.

2. Jump on the Twitter back channel for the event.

Set up an account at


Reference #tenz8 in your replies.

Tell everyone what you think about THAT speaker/session in real time.

3. Join the Mesh

In addition to traditional means we are attempting to break new ground and evolve these social concepts even further with our Tech.Ed Live Mesh experiment.

Just like a community notice board where people can add or remove what ever content they like we will be setting up mesh folders and inviting everyone who wishes to contribute to "share" content during and leading up to Tech.Ed NZ.

If you would like an invite to participate send us an email and start posting stuff!

See you at Tech.Ed either virtually or in person!

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