Build A 10,000 x 10,000 Mosaic of Images with DeepZoom

Donavon West has created a killer deep zoom using tens of thousands of images making up the face of Barack Obama.

It is very cool and available to view at

The great part is that Donavon has also released a "how to" build your own mosaic and host it on us for free using Silverlight Streaming.

Donavon picked up from, Soul Solutions in Brisbane who have been breaking new ground combining Deep Zoom in Silverlight 2 with Virtual Earth as a MultiScaleTileSource check out their DeepEarth project.

They have Open Source'd it - 

Also their mosaic of the Sydney Opera House made up of Virtual Earth images used a free mosaic generator called AndreaMosaic to generate their image.

So you have all you need go make your own Mosaic and post it in the comments below.


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