MIX08: A Developers Perspective… IT’S A WRAP!

Thanks all for coming out and participating in the conversation surrounding future web technologies and Silverlight 2 over the last week and a half.

As promised this is my post outlining the various things that I presented including source code when available and all that other good stuff!

Remember dozens of detailed session on all the cool new web stuff is available at http://sessions.visitmix.com. You can watch the "Olympic NBC Demo" as part of the MIX Keynote Video.


IIS 7.0 Bit Rate Throttling Module




ScottGu has the lowdown on Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta and the other Scott (who is coming to Tech.Ed NZ) asks the question of whether you should fear this release? 

Scott also chips in with a 7 video Introduction to ASP.NET Dynamic Data.

Ivan Towlson, from Mindscape asked me a question during the Auckland session that I promised to publish the answer here. He asked: "Are we treating .NET 3.5 SP1 as a separate project type when it ships as part of multi-targeting in VS2008?"

Scott Guthrie responded:

No – you will still target it using the .NET 3.5 drop down in VS 2008.  There is a separate checkbox though for whether you want to target the client-profile setup (which will allow you to get compile errors if you try and reference an assembly not in the client subset).

For the next release of VS we are hoping to expand multi-targeting so that you can target not just big versions of frameworks, but also individual SPs as well.


View the Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia site.

Take a look at BigPicture.

Check out the updated Deep Zoom Composer and the PhotoZoom service.

Also the code I based my Business Card demo (view it here - try tags "silverlight", "expression", "blue" or "card" to filter) was made available by Wilfred Pinto in his Dissecting Hard Rock Memorabilia post series.

The DeepZoom Composer Forum is great place to ask q's about this stuff.


I showed some examples of Silverlight applications in my session.

Including the Magnify Glass demo that ships with Expression Blend 2

And the Microsoft Health Common User Interface (MSCUI) Silverlight 2 sample that uses a similar technique to magnify parts of a video of the heart.

Jaime Rodriguez has the word on the Silverlight in Financial's Demonstrator including source code.

I also showed the in some centres the Silverlight 2 Surface Demo that includes DeepZoom, with source code.


The Digg Sample that I stepped through in the session (available for you to try online thanks to "free hosting" at http://silverlight.live.com) was based on ScottGu's great 8 part tutorial series. 

Dan Wahlin has taken these steps and made them available as bite sized videos.

  1. Creating Hello World With Silverlight 2 and VS 2008

  2. Using Layout Management

  3. Using Networking to Retrieve Data and Populate a DataGrid

  4. Using Style Elements to Better Encapsulate Look and Feel

  5. Using the List Box and Data Binding to Display List Data

  6. Using User Controls to Implement Master Details Scenarios

  7. Using Templates to Customize Control Look and Feel

  8. Creating a Digg Desktop Version of Our Application Using WPF

If you want to Start Learning Silverlight 2 there are tutorials, hands on labs (Swiss End-2-End example) and videos available to help you.

Also if you are interested in design and UX Arturo has made his XAML Ready Agency training and also Silverlight Bootcamp For Designers available.

Corrina Barber does a great job of "re-skinning" the Digg Sample App, and shares some great samples of control skinning as well.

Jose from Cynergy took the demo much much further and also made his code available on codeplex.

For Silverlight 1, the Silverlight learning snacks have just been made available.


Oh yeah and I can't leave without giving you all a cherry!

Silverlight 1 (Moonlight) first source code release for Linux and Silverlight 2 said Hello in Linux

Bill Gates Demonstrates Touch Wall
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates demonstrates Touch Wall, a new hardware technology from Microsoft that creates a touch-based “white board” interface that lets users interact more naturally with data and applications on their computer. Microsoft CEO Summit 2008, Redmond, Wash. May 14, 2008.
.wmv file (27.7 MB) | .mpg file (279 MB)

Just think of the Silverlight Surface Demo running on Touch Wall!

TechCrunch coverage Touch Wall and Plex

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  1. Chaks says:

    Here is a great resource for learning SL 2.0 – 50 SL 2.0 screencasts by the Microsoft UK Evangelist Team! They are worth looking and a great resource to learn Silverlight! 🙂

    Link here – http://www.miketaulty.com/SLVideos.html

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