IE 8: On the Path to Web Standards Compliance – ACID 2 Test Pass Complete

Watch this video read this post. At barcamp in Auckland last Saturday I got some "feedback" on the silence around IE8, hopefully this is the start of the IE team opening the door to what is being built in IE8.

As mentioned in the channel 9 video the part I like is that it will be up to the site creator to flag their site so that IE8 will render in "Standard Compliance Mode"... 19.48 in the video.

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  1. I’m so impressed that Microsoft finally attempted to become standards compliant, 2 major versions after they said they would, adn 10 years behind everyone else.

    They continue to apply their own definitions to terms like "standards," "compliant," and "open source." Mr. Webster would be boondoggled at the manipulation of language engaged in by MS, and shills like the owner of this blog.

    We’re all so proud Microsoft’s browser might become standards compliant within 10 years of all their "competition." I guess you deserve a cookie for bringing that to our attention. Do yourself a favor pal, abandon MS.

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