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It has taken me quite some time to get my summary post out for the Expression around the Clock event and part of this has been due to getting the material together to post. I am doing a wrap up on the event at the Usability Professionals Association meeting at the BNZ on Tuesday night so come along if you are interested in seeing more.

By a stroke of luck my car blew a head gasket (luck because I have insurance) and I have been catching the train to work for the last couple of weeks. During the walk I have been watching/ listening to the rest of the world's Expression around the Clock sessions (well at the least the ones that are in English) and during the train ride I have been editing together a bit of a Remix, come highlights package featuring some of my favorite bits.

There is an overwhelming amount of video and content at, so here is my attempt to provide my highlight package! I apologise now that it is bias towards NZ and English content but you know what they say about context 😉

First of all thanks everyone for coming along and especially to August, Nas (who even invited me to do a remix of our session at the Zamdes group in Wellington), Isha, Che, Steve, Desna, Tash, Carlos, Paul, Ryan and Taryn for their participation at the Auckland event on the day. I have never seen so much verbatim on the feedback forms! Stef and Che were telling me that the content from the Auckland sessions dominated the next Shift staff meeting in Auckland!

Also quick thanks to Adele and Pamela from yMedia for supporting the event. I spoke at their UberSavvy event at Microsoft yesterday which was a lot of fun. I like what Pamela wrote on the yMedia site... "yes, microsoft apparently DO have a 'creative' department. and this conference really made me start to LOVE microsoft. like actually."

So without further ado the remix video is linked from the picture below (1hr 8 mins) enjoy...

During Nas and my session we showed a bit of footage from the Dysto media guys and I have done a separate post on that stuff here.

Also I have encoded some of my favourite sessions (had to include my own 😉 as an audio file for you to listen to. I only got as far as making them into wmv but it should be easy to convert to mp3 for all you ipod lovers (I assume itunes does that for you when you drag the files in).

Canada - Bill Buxton - Design for the Wild: Sketching Experiences - Audio Download, Streamed Video
low res video

New Zealand - August de los Reyes - SuperEmotion: Making emotions work for you - Audio Download, Streamed Video
low res video

Milan - Richard Banks - Technology and trends for Homelife - Audio Download, Streamed Video

New Zealand - Panel Discussions - Merging Cultures - Audio Download, Streamed Video

Canada - Jon Lax - 1997 is Calling - They want their Workflow Back - Audio Download, Streamed Video

New Zealand - Me and Nas - Designing with Expression Blend - Audio Download, Streamed Video

Cairo - Panel Q&A - Audio Download, Streamed Video

Oh yeah and just for fun I uploaded to youtube a short piece pulling together a short remix of the conference (HUGE thanks to you Carrie)


Also I thought I'd link to the short "interviews" that Isha and Taryn conducted throughout the Auckland event, these are being served off Silverlight Streaming, great work guys!

Steve and Che
Nas and Isha - Morning Tea
Isha, Nigel and Nas post Event
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