As promised to many here are my links from recent presentations

UPDATE: I have finally had a chance to finish the video I have been making to showcase all this stuff so here it is...

31 demos in 39 minutes! 

31 demos in 40 mins

1. Microsoft Research Group Shot
2. Sea Dragon (TED Video)
3. Photosynth
4. Microsoft Research HD View (Auckland, Wellington)
5. Virtual Earth (Live Labs on the Map)
6. Bill Buxton's Presentation from Expression around the Clock
7. Microsoft Surface
8. Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Surface Demonstration (Video Support)
9. French Silverlight 1.0 Application (Script#)
10. Tablet Features in WPF - Inking Over Video Sample, Ink Support Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight Ink SDK Sample
11. Silverlight 1.0 Inking Search Sample
12. Live Image Search (filters)
13. Tafiti Search Visualization
14. GPS location based interactive community (Where is Frank?)
15. Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Invaders - Code
16. Contoso Bicycle Club - Windows Live Quick Applications
17. Live Messenger Integration Demo - Details
18. - Code/ Source Code
19. Microsoft Popfly
20. Windows Live Photo Gallery
21. Windows Home Server
22. LCI Intégrale
23. Livestation
24. WebGuide
26. thirteen23 :: denounce
27. How About It?
29. Glenn Conner Interview - Amazon Demo Silverlight 1.1 Alpha
30. Building a 3D WPF Gesture Application - Code
31. Building a Video Player in 8 mins with Silverlight 1.0

Links from my recent Mashup the Web presentations...

All Blacks Silverlight Gadget

HD View

Photosynth - Nasa

Live local

Contoso Bike Club

Silverlight Space Invaders

Image Search (filter:face)




Silverlight Streaming

Zero Gravity


Media Preview

Terra TV

French Rugby

Demo Applications...

Evermore Reflection Video - Silverlight 1.0

Trex 3D - WPF

Silverlight Surface

News Feeds...




Scott at MIX UK

Shane - Wireframing in Blend - Starter Project

Aussie Remix videos

Expression Encoder...


Custom Templates


If you are lucky enough to live in Wellington Nas has set up a user group for designers called The Expression team at Microsoft is also kicking off a global design event in Auckland on the 4th of October called “Expression around the Clock”. Places are limited but please spread the word and register at for the free half day Auckland event otherwise follow along on the global website

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  1. David Xie says:

    Hi Nigel, thanks for the links and your great presentation @ both ChCh MS Student Day && NZ .net user groups 🙂

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