Tech.Ed Is Open!

I have been working for a long time on creating the content and speakers for the Tech.Ed keynote. It is an amazing feeling to finally have it all come together.

I first saw Lou Carbone when I was up at MIX in Vegas in May, Will had invited Lou to present there after seeing him at adaptive path. After Lou's presentation there I knew that I wanted Lou for the NZ Tech.Ed keynote... so much so that I sent him this email.

"Hi Lou,

I have just arrived home to New Zealand from Mix Las Vegas. I watched your presentation "again" on the plane and now I just have to send you this email right away!

Your tone, your message and your delivery is phenomenal!

Every year in little old New Zealand we (Microsoft) have a conference called Tech.Ed. Each year we sell out the largest venue our country has to offer with more than 140 sessions and 90 speakers. The conference opens with a keynote presenting to all 2000 people that attend the event.

This year I am in charge of organising the keynote for the event. I have for a number of months now been talking to peers, customers and partners regarding who they would like to see, which speakers and messages we should target and how can we make this years keynote a memorable experience. I have previously talked to and invited a handful of speakers that have and continue each day to do their little bit to change the world. So far I have missed either on availability or cost to confirm a speaker for the occasion. I came to Mix with an open mind; quietly hoping that I would attend a session that spoke to what we have collectively agreed is necessary for the event. Your session did that and you are that person.

Are you available and excited about coming to New Zealand on August the 13th 2007 to connect with our most cherished partners and customers? Please email me back soon with your response.

As you said in your presentation "the power of Disney to create such value that people are willing to part with cash"... your presentation created that value for me."

Last Sunday I took Lou and Dorothy to Ponsonby Road to experience the New Zealand coffee experience and then to Piha to experience the New Zealand experience. Lou delivered a pre cursor to this presentation at the UPA group last Thursday night which turned into a 2 hour focus group as we collectively discussed the impact of customer experience in the software industry.

To support Lou I really wanted to portray New Zealanders in an inspiring and positive light. I personality hate the customer video where x customer gets on stage and talks about how y product made their life easier. I took a leaf out of Lou''s book and rallied the troops internally at Microsoft New Zealand to reach out to their networks to create a video that really talked to New Zealander's making their mark.

This is what we came up with... what do you think?

There is an extended version as well.

We will be putting up the keynote video and other short videos and photos on over the next few days so if you are not here at Tech.Ed make sure to check in tomorrow morning!

Comments (2)

  1. Naweed Qadir says:

    Nigel… brilliant work. I truely enjoyed Lou’s session at TechEd today. It really opened up my subconsious mind and thoughts on customer experience oriented IT development. I have been attending TechEd for last 3 years and this year it was different and Lou’s words did left a mark on my mind.

  2. tokes says:

    One of the best keynotes I’ve been to – well spotted Nigel and congratulations on being part of another successful TechEd.

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