One of the things that always interests me is the number of people that are building things for the web that aren't in the IT industry. I liken this to when I was a young kid writing games for my Vic 20. One thing we often overlook is that kids have heaps of time! At first I copied the BASIC code line by line until I had written something like Blue Meanies from Outer Space. Later I experimented and started to build things of my own.

In 1975 Microsoft originally launched BASIC for the Altair 8080. Just over 10 years later BASIC enabled me to program for the first time. I won't be suprised if in a decades time (or sooner if current progress is anything to go by) it is tools like Popfly that my daughter picks up and uses to build something cool. For me Popfly is Microsoft going back to its roots!

I'm a passonate photographer but I don't take photos for a living. I always felt that there was a latent need to bring such a community together which is why IMO Flickr became so popular. Before Flickr (BF) I hung out here and here.

Popfly for me is exciting because it takes everyone back to the grassroots of no code raw creation. It leverages the web as a living sea of opinions news and applications... it allows you to sculpt your solution simply by reaching into to the web and linking things up and best of all it leverages an exciting new platform to get there.

Social Networks exist... there is no doubt about that... so do virtual worlds... but isn't it cool to think that someday everyone (not just those that understand for loops and semicolons) will be connecting data, people and events together.

I come back to the SPARK model that I talked about briefly here.

Nothing has changed from this model the only thing that is altered by giving everyone the keys to construction is that the box that sits around the outside "the user" is now able to build their own "view" and share that as their piece of the web. Yes I know there are examples of this currently from everything from customisable homepages to mash-up makers to second-life to google earth but with only having seen screencasts of Popfly in action I have a feeling that this one may be a little bit different.

Unfortunately I need to sign up for the waitlist just like everyone else and try and get myself invited into the private alpha.

Watch screen casts here and here.

Check the news here, here, here and here

Oh yeah and did anyone else notice that we brought Avenue A | Razorfish's parent company aQuantive?

Interesting times...

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  1. M Freitas says:

    Interesting thing… It’s a shame that it’s like "Register here and we will send you an invitation sometime in the future".

    Yahoo! Pipes is there now…

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