Red Hot Chili Peppers – Visa Pre-Sale! Yeah Right!

I knew the visa pre-sale for Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets would be popular but this is ridiculous!

I started at I got to the site the site became unresponsive at 9am when tickets went on sale.

I got on at 9:01 am and got to the screen to choose my tickets... woot!

Problem #1

The form let you purchase upto 50 tickets in one go!

(I chose 2 tickets)

Problem #2

There was no indication of how many tickets were for sale and when they had sold out!

I select 2 general admission tickets seated anywhere...

After responding to the "cryptic code" to stop robots buying tickets I got this friendly message.

I proceeded to try every combination of tickets for every seating option to find the same result in all.

Good to see there were actually some tickets... they turned up on Trade Me at $600 each.


 Update: A second show was announced... yup I missed this one to!

From the herald... "The Visa pre-sales are going exceptionally well. Demand was such we felt the time was right to announce the second show"

My take... I have experience one of the worst user experience of my life... there is still no way to tell if the tickets have actually sold out... going to you are greeted with a nice message telling you "don't miss out"... although it appears that the boat has long since sailed.

The tickets are all over Trade Me selling from everything from $100 million to $5000... the comments of people seeling go from things like...

"a mate and I tried for ages to get through to no avail, then by chance we both snapped up 2 each, so have 2 surplus to our requirements. Our mistake is your opportunity to pick some up cheap (although I think there is alot of demand and they may sell for over our purchase price!)"


"Cant get time off work 🙁

Txt offers to 027 388 xxxx"

Bring on a ballot system for selling tickets to events like this!

Comments (4)

  1. Hey Nigel,

    That trademe site you linked to is no longer up – it seems trademe is being somewhat proactive on this matter now.



  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve found the Ticketmaster site to be a shocking mess when trying to buy tickets. Similar thing happened to me with Tool tickets (except that I eventually got some). Selecting the "best available" tickets seems to only search the best sections not the whole group (prioritising the better sections), I ended up having to specifically say something like "2 tickets in your worst section and the cheapest price please", despite being willing to pay the higher price for better tickets had they been available. This was of course repeated numerous times due to timeouts and spazzouts from the system.

    The 50 tickets is suprising as well, most events you are limited to 2 or 4 (at a Billy Connerly performance in Wollongong you could only buy single tickets online).

  3. ThiagoAlmeida says:

    How very glad I am you blogged about this, I experienced exactly what you have, VERY frustrating. First at around 5 minutes before 9:00 the visa entertainment website was timing out, then when the tickets became available on the Ticketmaster website they were already sold out, although there was no way of knowing for sure as you say. I wonder how many tickets they made available for presales, perhaps 4 or 5????



    The Visa Entertainment website now says:

    Due to the popularity of this event Visa’s ticket allocation to the Red Hot Chili Peppers has been exhausted. General public ticket sales start at 9am on Monday

  4. milo says:

    i signed up to the RHCP fan club yesterday morning at 8:30 and was allowed to purchase fan club presale tickets from 10:00 yesterday morning, im not too sure if there will be fan club presales for the second show, but may be worth considering if it does happen.

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