December UX Events

  • Do you build Flash/ AJAX/ CSS/ user centred UI’s for the web?

  • Are you the one person in the business that fights to get more of the project budget spent on user centric design and intuitive UIs?

  • Are you the “creative one” that is forced to work with developers that never listen to your ideas?

  • Or are you the developer with the creative streak that needs nurturing?

  • Are you one of the reasons that the UX industry in NZ has gone loco?  

User interfaces are a fundamentally important part of most applications. Making those interfaces as effective as possible can have measurable benefits to the people and organisations that rely on them. By providing a unified platform for modern user interfaces, by making designers active participants in creating those interfaces, and by allowing a common programming model for standalone and browser applications we are poised to supplant some technologies that have been in place for twenty years and in doing so lay the foundation for the next twenty years.

I have organised some UX focused events in December (with international speakers) that you must attend... we are tying these presentations to some upcoming announcements and I guarantee even if you’ve been following what Microsoft is up to in this area there will be good new stuff there that you haven’t seen anywhere before.

To avoid disappointment secure your seat today!

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