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I was talking to Rowan a few weeks ago and he mentioned that TradeMe was working on a new CSS designed site (amongst other changes). How did Rowan put it? "it's an evolution rather than a revolution"... I think you could use this same quote when talking about IE7!

Check out the sneak preview at, and also go and check out the commentary and provide your feedback!

I was hoping to see Natasha talk about this at UPA event in Auckland this week but unfortunately she didn't make it up... next shot WebStock Mini!

Natasha @ WebStock

On another note a couple of weeks ago I was down in Wellington and I met with Rachel and the team at heliocell. We discussed their site and some of the challenges they faced building a Standards Complient CSS driven site on .NET.

One of the things Rachel mentioned was the pains she went to to style some of the ASP .NET Server controls.

We can help with this!

If you are looking at creating custom output from .NET controls and even removing <table from your .NET site take a look at the CSS Control Adapters. The control adapters provide a pure CSS based rendering (no tables) for all of the ASP.NET Data (GridView, DataList, DetailsView, FormView, etc), Navigation (Menu, TreeView), and Login (Login, CreateUserWizard, ChangePassword,  PasswordRecovery, LoginStatus) controls. Also Expression Web Designer (front page is dead) and ASP.NET for Designers is worth a look.

Well Done TradeMe and Team for evolving a putting a stick in the sand!


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