Do you have a laptop with not much RAM and would like to run Vista on it?

I once tried to upgrade memory on a laptop and I know how expensive ($367 for 1GB) and painful the process can be!

Do you have a built in Card reader on your laptop? How would you like 4GB of extra memory for $156.56 inc GST, or 2GB for $88.55 inc GST? Or for those without a Card Reader you might like to consider a fast USB Flash Drive.

Windows Vista introduces a new concept in adding memory to a system. Windows ReadyBoost lets users use a removable flash memory device, such as a fast USB thumb drive or a fast SD Card, to improve system performance without opening the box... read more.

I have tried extending a laptop with 1GB of RAM using a 2GB fast USB thumb drive and the performance really took off. This is certainly something to think about for all you laptop users out there that are considering running Windows Vista.

Comments (4)

  1. Dean Harding says:

    ReadyBoost is not the same as adding more memory, though. It’s basically an extra layer between RAM and the paging file. USB flash drives provide much better random access speeds than hard disks, and that’s where the performance comes from.

    But adding 2GB of ReadyBoost flash memory is hardly the same as adding 2GB of actual RAM.

  2. nparker says:

    Hi Dean,

    Agreed which is why I compared 1GB of RAM with 2 or 4 GB of flash memory.

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    As well USB flash has finite read/write cycles count. You will have to trash your $156.56 much faster then simply using it for data.

    There are reason why real memory cost that much.

  4. Dean Harding says:

    TAG: If by "trash your [usb drive] faster" you mean "in 10 years" then, yes, that’s true. See:

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