Cure Kid Adventure Race

I haven't talked much about this but I though I'd share through my blog what I am up to on Friday this week.

On Friday we have four teams from Microsoft competing in the Cure Kid Adventure Race.

We have all fundraised the $40,000 entry fee required and Natalie has even put a web page together for our team (yup we are team 3 of 4!)

We have been out training every Saturday for 5 hours for the last couple of months... it has been great getting out in the bush but it has been tough getting fit enough to compete.

I don't talk much about personal stuff here but I am expecting my first child next month and although exciting I guess I'm more emotionally connected to child sickness and the potential of what can go wrong ... I don't know if anyone has seen the ads on TV in the last couple of weeks with the little 4yr old girl with cancer asking "if you are going to help fight the monster?"... this advertising has hit a particular nerve with me and tonight I took a trip along to made my donation and watch that flower grow... I think this is a great example of where a TV ad campaign ties in very well with an interactive web campaign. Well I digress I'll let you know next week how our team goes in the race.

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