What are you doing this Friday at 9:30am?

We’ll be hosting our first ever live online technical chat with the WPF team at Redmond! No registration just showup on Friday at 9:30am. We’ll have a collection of the WPF team on hand to answer your technical questions, hear your feedback on what we should be doing in our next release, share great tips…


Expand Your Portfolio… it’s a wrap!

Hey there, Two weeks ago we met and presented to over 200 people from more than 85 companies across New Zealand! We got some great feedback and had heaps of fun doing it! I have got great feedback via email and I have had truck loads of people wanting to show their friends… learn more and…


New Expression Site & WPF/E CTP.

If you are able to join us on our UX tour of NZ this week I’d love to see you, http://gobeyond.net.nz I promised we were following some major new announcements well you can keep track of them here. The summary, We have a couple of site refreshes, http://www.microsoft.com/expression – http://www.microsoft.com/design We have released Expression Web, and…


December UX Events

Do you build Flash/ AJAX/ CSS/ user centred UI’s for the web? Are you the one person in the business that fights to get more of the project budget spent on user centric design and intuitive UIs? Are you the “creative one” that is forced to work with developers that never listen to your ideas?…


SWF2XAML (Flash to XAML) – Mike’s at it again!

Michael Swanson earlier in the year wrote a plugin for Adobe Illustrator that exports Al vector art to XAML. I used this to create a XAML map of New Zealand for my Tech.Ed presentation. Michael has been tinkering again (outside of worktime) and come up with SWF2XAML: A Tool to Convert Flash Files to XAML. This is…


Bill Gates @ Stanford University

Gates – “we’re at the beginning of something important again” in the development of technology


Ohhh PodCast sooooo Web 2.0 (i think?)

Last year I did the book interview, last week it was my first podcast (if you don’t count video 1 2 3 4 :)… great job Nick for pulling this together. If you want to hear about Windows CardSpace or just hear my voice check it out 🙂


TradeMe Design!

I was talking to Rowan a few weeks ago and he mentioned that TradeMe was working on a new CSS designed site (amongst other changes). How did Rowan put it? “it’s an evolution rather than a revolution”… I think you could use this same quote when talking about IE7! Check out the sneak preview at http://preview.trademe.co.nz, and…


World Usability Day in Auckland

Paul Lo and I took some time out yesterday lunchtime to go on the… thanks Justine for organising this, take the photo tour on Flickr.


Auckland in 3D…

With all the talk about 3D lately I was very impressed with what was created when Weta Workshop combined with Warren and Mahoney to produce this 3D animated video of Auckland to highlight the proposed new waterfront stadium.