MSDN Subscribers get WinFX on Vista on the RTM builds of Visual Studio 2005 just in time for Christmas!

You may not have noticed yet but the December CTP of Windows Vista is now available for download to MSDN Subscribers. This is important as it is the first version available to MSDN subscribers that supports the RTM version of Visual Studio 2005 and the compatible WinFX bits (including the Windows Communication, Workflow and Presentation Foundation bits).

Note that after you install Vista you will need to enable the WinFX runtime this is disabled by default in this version.

You can do this by going to the Vista Software Explorer, checking the box next to the WinFX runtime and click ok.

Do this before you install VS2005 the Windows SDK and the Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” CTP WinFX Development Tools.

This CTP contains the December CTP of the WinFX runtime... and yes these bits are available for download for Windows XP. The good news is that the Dec CTP WinFX runtime is compatible with the Nov CTP WinFX runtime... these are simply different dot builds of the same release containing additional bug fixes as required to maintain compatibility with Windows Vista... so if you have already got a full environment set up running the Nov CTP on Win XP you may not need to upgrade to the Dec CTP.

*update* Robert McLaws reports that it may be a couple of days before it actually appears on MSDN. I just logged in and I am still seeing build 5231. A new page has been released to the Windows Vista Developer Center

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  1. tzagotta says:

    Is there a Windows Vista CTP coming out for MSDN subscribers to correspond to these other CTPs?

  2. jox says:

    "You may not have noticed yet but the December CTP of Windows Vista is now available for download to MSDN Subscribers."

    Well, you may not have noticed yet but the December CTP of Windows Vista is NOT available for download to MSDN Subscribers, though it should be!

    I have been trying to get information about this all the day, but no one from Microsoft seem to answer questions about this… Check out the newsgroups and forums on MSDN.

  3. nparker says:

    jox… 5270 (Dec CTP) is now downloadable from MSDN for Universal subscribers… sorry for the confusion.

    Its under Operating Systems, Windows Vista, Windows Vista – Community Technology Preview, Build 5270.

    tzagotta… No there will be no public Vista release that supports the Nov CTP WinFX extensions you will need to use the Dec ones with Vista build 5270.

  4. klau says:

    I downloaded the CTP build from and followed the steps above. I was able to get WinFX3.0 installed, but I still couldn’t install VS2005. The error message I got was "Suite Integration Toolkit Executable has stopped workin". Did I miss something?

  5. nparker says:

    Hi klau

    There is a known incompatability with Sql Server Express and it points to an article at (which incidently doesn’t yet exist). I’m not sure about the workaround for this. I had no problems installing the RTM of Visual Studio Professional without SSE… I haven’t tried with the VS express builds.

    Side note-I noticed that after intialising the WinFX runtime via the Vista Software Explorer the checkbox remains unchecked… even though it has installed OK… also remember to approve all changes in Windows Defender during the install when prompted.

  6. klau says:

    Hi nparker

    I noticed that the CTP build in is 1.9G; the CTP build in MSDN is 2.2G. I couldn’t get VS2005 Professional version installed on the build I downloaded from the connect. Now I am downloading the 2.2G build from MSDN. Let’s see if that will make a difference.


  7. klau says:

    Okay, I escalated the issue to Microsoft. They came back with a strange workaround. Actually they were able to re-produce the problem. Here is the workaround:

    1) Load the VS2005 DVD to a separated machine (copy everything from the DVD to a folder)

    2) Share out the folder

    3) Map a network drive from the Vista box to the share folder

    4) Right click on the drive and choose "Installation or run program"


  8. Klau – its possible the different file sizes for the ISO images you are seeing is a Staged Build vs a Non Staged build

    Net net, you end up with exactly the same installed product, but Staged builds install much faster – staged builds are basically a sysprepped WIM image. Install time is normally at least ½ the non-staged. This resembles a Sysprepped image that a organisation would deploy in their environment. Staging is a term used to describe the process of installing an “unassembled” image as created by the Windows build process to a reference machine (and thus assembling the image) and then recapturing the end result into a format for distribution. This process uses deployment tools such as sysprep and ximage.

    net net don’t be too concerned about the differnet ISO file sizes

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