Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting Deployment Guide!

*I have been waiting for this to be completed for a little while now* This white paper provides an overview of the features and benefits of Microsoft® ASP.NET 2.0. Hosters utilising ASP.NET 1.1 will be able to use the setup and configuration recommendations to implement or integrate ASP.NET 2.0 into their hosting solution. This white…


Micro ISV: From Vision to Reality

Bob Walsh is writing a book Micro ISV: From Vision to Reality the book covers “defining, developing and marketing a software application or web-based service while successfully building an Internet-centric self-funded company.” Bob Walsh approached me for comment as he wanted a global perspective… he has published the interview on his blog that will later appear in…


Visual Web Developer – You Know You Want It!

I was just catching up on the news after a great launch yesterday in Wellington and I saw this article in UK Guardian newspaper! I downloaded my copy of Visual Web Developer… then I went to see what the registration benefits where… there is thousands of dollars worth of very cool stuff here for free… after…


Rob’s Hitchhikers Guide to Airways New Zealand

Rob Caron has picked up on the Airways New Zealand Case Study for using Visual Studio Team System! Rob is the man when it comes to Team System… his blog posts make the front page of the Team System site! Peter is the man when it comes to using the product and making it work. *Well Done* Airways see…



As I sit here preparing my session for the New Zealand launch event I glance and notice that both the Chirstchurch and Wellington technical sessions are now sold out! I’m feeling a lot better being on the presenters side of the fence than on the organisers side (as I was for Tech.Ed this year)… Thanks Lucas!…


New Generation of Microsoft Certifications for you and me!

Some things I’ve heard about our “older” MCP exams… “They don’t measure industry experience”… “I can rope learn from the answers readily available on the Internet”… In fact these are some of the reasons that I didn’t sit the MCP exams before joining Microsoft! Welcome the new generation of Microsoft Certifications –  A initiative to…



 Are we that confusing? From the xtra website today  – “As the countdown to the Xbox 360 launch approaches, Sony takes the gaming console on a world wide tour.” If you are a gamer the video is worth a look though!  This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.