It is all… too cool & so so addictive!

Well it's 8:30pm and I'm about 2/3rds of the way through preparing my presentation for the Auckland .NET User Group meeting tomorrow night 😉

The problem I am facing is this stuff is just TOO COOL & SO SO ADDICTIVE! It is one thing to watch it and it is quite another to use it hands on. As I am collating all the material and preparing my demos I find myself straying further and further into each of the cool new technologies... I could spend all night working through the Hands On Labs for Windows Workflow Foundation... I just lost myself somewhere between ZAM 3D and Sparkle.... there I am playing with WinFS... oops you'll have to excuse me from LINQ it's time to make dinner... someone kick me or else the whole ATLAS / Gadget and Office 12 part of my presentation tomorrow will be totally missing! ARG what am I still doing blogging!

If you're in Auckland come along and see how this all turns out!

The synopsis -

A look into the future – courtesy of PDC 2005
Auckland 13/10/2005
Gather at 17.45, starting at 18.00

Presented by Nigel Parker & Lukas Svoboda

WinFX is the set of next-generation managed APIs provided by Microsoft and targeting the Windows Vista timeframe. On top of the WinFX Fundamentals Base Class Libraries sits Presentation (including Windows Presentation Foundation, Printing, GDI+ and Speech Integration), Data (including WinFS and XPS documents) and Communication (including Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation). I will introduce WinFX and dip into WinFS and the Windows Foundation frameworks in more detail then Lukas Svoboda (Optimation) will present a quick 100 foot view of Windows Communication Foundation.

In addition to this I will introduction the Microsoft Expression suite for graphic designers… I will touch on language enhancements with LINQ and introduce ATLAS Microsoft’s new AJAX implementation and talk briefly about Gadgets. I will close with demonstrating a pre-beta preview of Office 12 that was shown publicly at the PDC conference in LA this month.

Expect a high level discussion with some cool demos… I will attempt to fit a large number of overviews and introduction demos into a 90 minute segment. The intention is to introduce you to the topics so that you can dig deeper in any area that interests you.

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Catering: Pizza & Drinks
Door Charge: Free


Optimation NZ
Level 4 Optimation House
43 College Hill Road

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