Student Day Rocked! Tech Ed is Set To Fly!

I was just reading Betsy's post from student day... and I though I'd share with you a teaser from Ari Bixhorn and Chris Aulds podcast...

The full podcasts including Betsy's and Tony's will be here shortly.

Of all the people to run into today... I ran into Bill Patterson at Mission Bay beach. He had managed to wangle a invite to the All Black game against South Africa tonight in Dunedin. He had been officially invited by the New Zealand Rugby Board due to his background in managing professional sports teams in the US... talk about instant networking! Bill was having a whirlwind tour of Auckland before he flew down to the South Island this afternoon!

I made him promise to be back in time to deliver his session at teched on Tuesday... hopefully he won't fall in love with Queenstown (like Ari did last week) and not come back up!


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