Tell me more about Visual SourceSafe 2005 Beta 2.

So you just found out that Visual SourceSafe 2005 Beta 2 has been released and you'd really like to find out more about it?

Download and watch the on demand webcast... The webcast consists of demos of new features, including: SourceSafe Web Service Configuration, Remote Access via HTTP, Performance Improvements, Globalization, Visual Studio Integration: Rename/Deletes, File Dialogs, Asynchronous open.

Comments (2)

  1. Kannan Kalyanaraman says:

    Does the new sourcesafe work against vs2003 can it be configured as a source control provider ?

  2. nparker says:

    Hi Kannan,

    I have been advised that yes, VSS2005 should integrate with VS2003 (although I haven’t tried this for myself).

    VS2003 however will not be able to use all the new features of VSS2005 (like rename and delete propagation/synchronization, asynchronous open of projects, etc)

    It should however be able to use other features like Unicode file content merges, timezone support and improved merge experience.

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