Chris Liddell appointed as new Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft.

It not often that I receive an email from Steve Ballmer… so whenever I do I make sure I take notice… especially one that references New Zealand three times and rugby once 😉

I was particularly interested to read the news regarding the appointment of Chris Liddell as the new Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft.

I know as kiwi’s we love to cling to anything that has a New Zealand connection… Lord of the Rings, America’s Cup, Russell Crowe… to name a few… but in this case it is IMHO a “Big Deal”… New Zealand Herald, TV One News Online, Computerworld,, National Business Review… from a man who is quoted as saying “One of our defining strengths is our relative youth as a nation. With youth comes flexibility and a continued desire to challenge the status quo.”… lets hope that is a message that Chris is taking to the world.

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