Working with SPGridView – all in one

I recently had the opportunity to work extensively on SPGridView. I have chronicled few of the challenges faced while working on SPGridView, and their solutions in the attached document. Have also attached the codebase, which will help people working  with SPGridView without much trouble.. 🙂  Cheers… Technical WhitePaper – Working with


Tool to auto-generate CAML queries in MOSS

There is a tool on U2U resource Center which will help generating CAML queries for the given object in MOSS. URL to Down load the tool: URL on how to use this tool:   Thanks to the owner which has made the life simpler of CAML query writter..   Cheers !!!  


Find Domin User Information

System.DirectoryServices class will help finding the information of a Domain User. Function which will help retriving Active Directory Object:        private DirectoryEntry GetActiveDirectoryObject(string filter, string domain, string[] properties)        {             /// Running LADAP query to get the directory entry            DirectoryEntry adsRoot = new DirectoryEntry(“LDAP://” + domain, null, null, AuthenticationTypes.Secure);             DirectorySearcher searcher = new DirectorySearcher(adsRoot);           …

MOSS VPC Performance Imporvement tips

MOSS VPC Performance improvement: Few services you might want to stop to give performance boost to your VPC. Windows SharePoint Services Timer Windows SharePoint Services Tracer Windows SharePoint Services Search


AJAX ComboBox control. Based on the first combo’s value fill up the next combo without page post back

AJAX Parent/Child Dropdown control: Two dropdown controls, country and province/state.  When you select a country, the province list should be refreshed (without a postback) with the list of provinces for that country.  Developers using the control should be supply the country data, and the province data should either be a list of all provinces for all…

Creating WinForm ComboBox in WebFroms

AJAX dropdown edit control: Create a control that allows users to select from a dropdown list, or to type a value if the value they want is not in the list.  E.g. maybe there is an “Other…” option in the list which shows the text box when selected.  Or maybe there is some other slick…