Removing OMS from your SCOM Management Group

Have you inherited an environment where someone had "played" with OMS? OMS is partially configured, but you're not exactly sure how, and as a result it's spamming your Operations Manager event log with warnings and errors... You'd like to get OMS working, but just don't have the time and for now you just need the errors to stop!

To clear out OMS, you need to clear out the associated MPs.  That is, delete all MPs with the key words Insight, Advisor, or Intelligence.  You can do this manually (if you have an hour or two free) or you can leverage powershell.

    1. Open the SCOM Console as an administrator
    2. Search for all MPs containing the word Insight, Advisor, or Intelligence.  Make a note of the total number for each search.
    3. Open the Operations Manage Powershell window
    4. Run Get-SCOMManagementPack | where{$_.displayname -like "*Advisor*" -or $_.displayname -like "*intelligence*"} | Remove-SCOMmanagementpack
    5. It may take quite a while (30min) but you should be able to see them disappearing from the console one at a time
    6. If you hit any errors, likely caused by a dependency, rerun the command from step 4.
    7. Check that all MPs from step 2 are gone

To put OMS back into SCOM, you would reimport these MPs off your installation media followed by the updates from the latest UR.  If you know this is something you will do in the future, you may want to dump the list of OMS MPs before you delete them.  I.e. Get-SCOMManagementPack | where{$_.displayname -like "*Advisor*" -or $_.displayname -like "*intelligence*"} > OMSMPs.txt

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