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Caledos Runner for Android
Caledos Runner for Android

This post is the first of a series with the objective to share the experience on multiplatform development I’ve collected working on Caledos Runner’s: a medium-sized fitness app currently publicly available on the Google Play Store. The app is part of a side project on which I and Domenico have been working for some time,…


Demo Xamarin PebbleSport integration app

If you are looking for a Xamarin Android sample that show how to manage the Pebble Sport app from a Xamarin Project, I have just released on github a sample for you!:-)   Because I haven’t found out there any sample that shows to use Pebble SDK from Xamarin, I decided to write this…

NicolTIP#005: How to show the same content in two ore more positions using master page in ASP.NET

To write a web site and give to the entire site a coherent “look” with ASP.NET and master pages is very easy and productive. In brief, into the master page you need to put “placeholders” using the tag <asp:ContentPlaceHolder/> and into the content page, you can map real content with contenplaces (more information). Sometime can…

How to provide a context sentitive help to your WPF application

I found the following (and very) interesting post where is well described how to provide your windows presentation fundation client application with a context sensitive help. Chek it out!