#CasualFriday – From Visual Studio Online to Lametric time® smart clock

The number of new smart devices to play with grows day after day. The baseline to work with them is essentially always the same set of technologies: federated authentication, OAuth2, REST, AngularJS, Typescript, cloud services… and to operate with a Lametric time (www.lametric.com) makes no difference. To build a system that delivers relevant information from…

Engineering Caledos Runner – Code Reuse Metrics

Caledos Runner for Android
Caledos Runner for Android

This post is the first of a series with the objective to share the experience on multiplatform development I’ve collected working on Caledos Runner’s: a medium-sized fitness app currently publicly available on the Google Play Store. The app is part of a side project on which I and Domenico have been working for some time,…