Comparing Canon EOS 7D and Lumia 920

I like to take photos and I love my reflex. When I bought my new mobile phone and I choosed a Lumia 920, my idea wasn't to use it as replacement for my reflex. I hate to take picture and share them "as is", or via "Istagram like" apps that make all pictures "similarly cool", so for a while I used my Lumia like a smarthone that just doesn't take photos:-)

Many on the web said that the Lumia camera is very good (to be a mobile phone...), so I was looking for a way to use it, but in my own way.
So the idea has been to apply the same "workflow" I used with my "reflex", to the pictures taken with the Lumia.

With Canon 7D, I use only RAW, and at the end of the day, I move all the pictures on my laptop to export jpg via Lightroom 4.

How to obtain the same result with the Lumia? Well, I enabled the auto upload to SkyDrive of the pictures, and I used SkyDrive desktop ( to have a copy of these pictures on laptop.


In Lightroom I added the folder to the list of "Monitored Foldeds" so, automagically, the pictures arrive in Lightroom:-)


And now the comparision. I have taken the same picture using:

  • Lumia 920 ($499)
  • Canon 7D + Canon EF-S 10-22   (>$1600)

The picture has been taken in Disneyland Paris few days ago. I have used almost the same post production on both picture: for Canon the source was a RAW, for Lumia a JPG.

Canon 7D Version

Disneyland from my room - Canon 7D - ND0_4962

Lumia 920 Version

Disneyland from my room - Lumia 920 - WP_20130616_019

If you click on the images you can go to my Flickr photostream and see the picture at full resolution.
In the following picture I show the 100% crop of a detail.


My personal opinion: the Canon is better but the difference is not big: If you want to use the Lumia with a "semi-professional" workflow (i.e. using Lightroom), the result can be amazing. At the end of the story, I continue to use my Canon but from now, my Lumia have really increased my opportunity to take photos, where I am not able to carry a reflex... 🙂

more photos I have taken with the Lumia at the following set.

If someone is curious, in the following pictures, you can see both pictures (Canon/Lumia) before the post production.

Canon before/after


Lumia 920 before/after


Anyone else have done a similar test? results?

I’m ready to re-make this test with a Lumia 1020, if someone lends me oneSorriso.

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