After more than 18 years since I sold my last Amiga I have had again the pleasure of a GURU MEDITATION thanks to Virtual Box Thank you, Virtual Box!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! from Wikipedia: “Guru Meditation is an error notice displayed by early versions of the Commodore Amiga computer when they crashed. It is analogous to…


NicolTIP#026: How to fix poor network performance connecting with windows 2008/R2 in Remote Desktop and File Share

Remote Desktop 6.0 leverages a new feature called auto-tuning for the TCP/IP receive window that could be causing the trouble. Window Auto-Tuning could have issues on some networks, and cheap SOHO routers. I fixed typing the following command on the server I was not able to connect: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted after this…

NicolTIP#025–How to keep up to date your local copy of SysInternals tools

Even if http:\\ is great when you’re not on your pc, I usually prefer to have locally all Russinovich Tools. The problem is that you have to keep up to date your local copy, problem that, I resolved writing the following PowerShell script (“Sysinternals Update.ps1”) 1: net use k: 2: Robocopy.exe k:\tools ‘C:\Sysinternals\Local’ /MIR…

SharePoint Warm Up Script comparision

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Scalable and robust smooth streaming architecture

if you need to wok on this, I think that the following post is a must to have read: