Chrome OS?

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to read in detail the document that describe Google Chrome features. Interesting is that if I read "O.S." each time in the document appairs the word "browser" all the document continues to have sense. Very, very interesting:-)

Polipo Matico

PolipoMatico is a Windows Vista sidebar gadget that allows to retrieve and show italia traffic infos from octotelematics web site ( Why Because traffic in Italy is a serious topic, and because we like to be at home, at the end of the day, with less stress as possible:-) Usage Just install the gadget, and…

How to provide a context sentitive help to your WPF application

I found the following (and very) interesting post where is well described how to provide your windows presentation fundation client application with a context sensitive help. Chek it out!

Win32 Application contextmenu piloting (UI Automation)

I just developed a PoC where I demonstrated to my customer how is feasible to integrate and manipulate a Win32 application (Remedy Client in my case) into a CCF (Customer Care Framework) client application. In this context I had some problem in piloting context menu. the couple of link below give much information. My main…

WPF: How to embed an Icon in an Assembly

You can easily integrate resources in your Windows Presentation Foundation application by using the WPF designer for Visual Studio and "pack:" URI scheme provided by XAML to reference resources in your application’s XAML. for more information have a look to MSDN article.

How to access Hyper-V (RC0) machine (workgroup) from Vista SP1 joined to a domain

Step 1: Install this update to enable remote management of a Windows Server 2008 computer running the Hyper-V RC0 role Step 2: If the server is either a member of WORKGROUP or is in a different domain that is untrusted by the client, then the connection from the server to the client used to return…


How to use Hyper-V with a wireless network connection

Hyper-V, the fantastic Windows Server 2008 new feature have a small limit I discovered when on my "home/handmade server:-)" I tried to use it. It doesn’t manage wireless networks. This is "by design", as clearly described by Ben Armstrong in his blog. This absolutely make sense because Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V is a server…


WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation – for dummies (and for free:-)A

As you discovered from my previous post, today I’m working on WPF, Again on codeproject, I found this series of articles that can be a good start point to understand basics on WPF, XAML, resources, styles…   WPF- A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1 of n – Layout WPF – A Beginners guide part 2…


Custom ListBox Layout in WPF

Today I used this useful article found a couple of articles that describe first steps on WPF ListView Customization. Check it out if you have time. Custom ListBox Layout in WPF from Codeproject Styling the highlighting colors for Combo/List/View/Box from XAML for Morons