Understanding how User and Application settings are managed via Visual Studio 2005/2008

When you write a .NET application, to manage configuration settings is often required. These configuration settings can have a "user" or "application" scope. User settings can be different for each user will use the application, instead application parameter is fixed and defined for the entire machine. Visual Studio 2005 (and 2008 as well) allows, adding…


WPF and its positioning versus Windows Form

User interfaces are a fundamentally important part of most applications. Making those interfaces as effective has possible can have measurable benefits to the people and organizations that rely on them. With Windows Presentation Fundation (WPF) developers now have an added option to (.NET) Windows Form to use when they need to implement a user interface….


Avoid threads deadlock

On this month’s issue of MSDN Magazine, Stephen Toub describe the class DdMonitor. DdMonitor implements almost all interfaces exposed by .NET System.Threading.Monitor class but includes deadlock detection capabilities too. With the objective to make available a lock(…) keyword replacement, a static DdMonitor.Lock(…) is implemented too. A System.Threading.Monitor replacement to avoid threads deadlocks