Multiple SBE Monitor issue

Do not run more than one SBE Monitor for a set of load-balanced OHSBEs. One of the error you can encounter is the following:

<SubmitOrderComplete xmlns:xsd="" 
<ErrorMessage>OHSBE Error in: SbeMasterController.MonitorUpdate(),
Description: SbeMasterController.CheckIfRequestWasBlocking():
Database error. Procedure: CheckIfRequestShouldStillBeStaged()
Error was: Error in ps_x_CheckIfRequestShouldStillBeStaged -
Order Response initial State not correct to update to  -
Staged, CSFErrorCodes: 40005</ErrorMessage>

Comments (3)

  1. m.conia says:

    Hi Nicola….

    do you know which task are accomplished from SBE Monitor service ?


  2. Nico LD says:

    Hi MConia:), the monitor service is designed to handle the timeout processing required by the OH SBE Master Controller.  This service polls the database on a regular interval looking to requests that have expired and send the timeout notifications back to the Master Controller.  The controller will then retrieve the record and verify the condition and return the failure to the calling application.  The monitor also does the checks for staged records in the OrderRequestQueue, records that have been marked for deletion by the CSF Administration console, and periodically sends a test message to the Master Controller to insure that it is not shutdown by IIS due to slow traffic.

  3. krbala says:

    Hi Nicola,

    There is something called InteractionID in the productservicesmapping.xml. What does it mean? Can you please help me.



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