Multiple SBE Monitor issue

Do not run more than one SBE Monitor for a set of load-balanced OHSBEs. One of the error you can encounter is the following:<SubmitOrderComplete xmlns:xsd=”” xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns=””><InteractionID>…</InteractionID><RequestUUID>…</RequestUUID><ResultCode>40005</ResultCode><ErrorMessage>OHSBE Error in: SbeMasterController.MonitorUpdate(), Description: SbeMasterController.CheckIfRequestWasBlocking(): Database error. Procedure: CheckIfRequestShouldStillBeStaged() Error was: Error in ps_x_CheckIfRequestShouldStillBeStaged – Order Response initial State not correct to update to  – Staged, CSFErrorCodes: 40005</ErrorMessage></SubmitOrderComplete>


Master controller can not communicate with Service Catalog

Master controller can not communicate with Service Catalog (that is on the same machine) when it is balanced with external hardware. This kind of error can happen in the scenario bellow    CLIENT: order requester VCSF: load balancer hardware CSF01: Master controller + service catalog CSF02: Master controller + service catalog PSM: product service mapping…

SBE Error 40006 "failed role check validation"

The SBE checks that the user in the SumbitOrderRequest header belongs to the role defined in “SBEMasterController.config” file under “OHSBERole” config value.This means that usually user must be into YOURDOMAIN\Requestors@CSF_SBE group.One typical configuration mystake is to have in SBEMasterController.config file following content: <ConfigValue key=”OHSBERole” value=”CSF\Requestors@CSF_SBE”/> Obviously change “CSF” with your domain name and try again…

My first article

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Starbucks coffee @ PDC

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