FAST ESP 5.x – Converting Clarity SearchStatus into CSVs.

Hi Clarity is a great tool for monitoring ESP either through the UI or requesting the supporting data as xml. The below script download clarity status in xml and update some .CSV files. The output files are pretty explanative to what they relate to.  Disclaimer : THE LICENSED SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND WE DO…


FAST ESP 5.x – Indexer and Large Addresses Awareness

Hi Search Enthusiasts I wanted to share an important update that has been made in indexer for Win32 platform. As you might know, 32-bit process don’t address more than 2 GB of Memory by default on Windows platform. To allow them to go all the way to 4GB (usually when hosted on a 64-bit OS), you…


SP2013 – Changing the default group template in Search Results WP (GroupTemplateId)

Hi Search Enthusiasts   I came across the need to change the default group template, for a specific Search Result Web Part.   I have configured my search center with the default layout -all in one column-. Upon certain Query rules, I may encounter results including Best Bets, Result Blocks and Core Results. All those…


FS4SP – Document Signature Customization

In this post I’ll describe how to customize the document signature in FAST Search for SP2010. The documentsignature is the MP (integer) that we use to de-duplicate results (also known as collapsing). It is a SHA-256 generated integer. Get-FASTSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name documentsignature Name                   : documentsignatureDescription            : ID used for duplicate collapsingType                   : IntegerQueryable              : TrueStemmingEnabled        :…


FS4SP – Creating a Search Vertical in your Search Center

The default Fast Search Server for SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP) comes with 2 verticals out of the box : All Sites and People. One may want to add further verticals to refine results for a type of contents (videos, feeds) or create a regionalized vertical (selecting documents with a sub or specific department within your organization)….


FS4SP – Using the Windows Search connector

Hello World of Search   Just a quickie today about a very useful feature in 2010: search your SharePoint content from your desktop machine (through the FAST provider). Go to your favorite FAST Search Center. Issue a test query to end up in the results page. Locate and hit the icon as shown below   Add…


FAST ESP 5.x – fsearch maxmemusage clarification

Context : FAST ESP 5.x Architecture If your fsearch process fails to start with the below error: Loading attribute vectors will exceed maximum memory usage, set to 1887436800 B (1800.00 MB). fsearch will not load this index. Please reduce index size or number of navigator fields and sortable fields in the index profile You might…