FS4SP – Using the Windows Search connector

Hello World of Search


Just a quickie today about a very useful feature in 2010: search your SharePoint content from your desktop machine (through the FAST provider).

  • Go to your favorite FAST Search Center.
  • Issue a test query to end up in the results page.
  • Locate and hit the icon as shown below


  • Add the Search Connector

  • Your Search Provider is now integrated in your desktop (Favorites Sidebar on windows 7)



  • Issue the same query as previously from your explorer search



  • Note the highlighting as well on your desktop search results.


It works fine on Win 8 too (highlighting improved)

Your search requests can be saved to future recall

In this example I set it to fetch content indexed by FAST Search Engine (Search connector created out of the FAST Provider). but you can download a search connector for People Search.


I invite you to explore the Search connector format (wrapper of an OpenSearch .osdx in a way) and useful application for federated search in windows client:


Federated Search in windows


Deploying Search connectors 






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