Game On! March 13: Learn to build a Unity game in 12 hours

Traditionally writing 3D or 2D games was not for the faint of heart. It took in-depth knowledge in math, physics, computer graphics, etc. to even build the simplest of games that had some level of realism to them. Long story short: game development was hard.

What if you could develop a game, that you can deploy across multiple platforms in less than 12 hours? With the Unity game engine from Unity technologies, you have a cross-platform game engine with a built-in integrated development environment (IDE) that enables simplified and rapid development of games. Such things as physics, cameras, lighting, 3D, etc. are all handled by the game engine, allowing you to focus on your game play.

A lot of popular games have been developed with Unity, many of which are available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Just last week, we ran our first Unity porting lab in MIC Genk where we helped game developers port their existing Unity games to the Windows platform.  In a matter of hours we had several of these games, originally targeted at iOS or Android, running on a Windows device!

If you’re new to game development or Unity, we invite you to join our ”Unity for Newbies” workshop on March 13, where we’ll teach you hands-on how to create a game in Unity and how to publish it to the Windows (Phone) Store.  So, by the end of the day you could have your game ready to be published!


Do check our other developer trainings online on or join the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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