Join the Belgian Experts and Microsoft Corp Product team for 12 hours of SQL Server 2012


Join us for the 12 hours of SQL Server 2012, the next release of the Microsoft Cloud-Ready Information Platform that is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2012. During the 12 hours of SQL Server 2012 we'll offer you 12 webcasts over 12 hours starting 12:12 CET on February 24th (too bad February 12th is a Sunday).

Together with our 12 speakers, both local and international, we'll walk you through the all new innovations we're bringing to the platform, or as we call them "The Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012". Our speakers will dive into all the new things around Business Intelligence, Tier-1 Performance & Reliability, the Manageability enhancements and of course the Cloud readiness and integration of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure.

Make sure to Register Today and explore the next release of SQL Server 2012 together with us.


Timing Title
12:12-13:12 Partially Contained Databases
13:12-14:12 An introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS)
14:12-15:12 Power View from the Data Visualisation Perspective
15:12-16:12 Building your first Analysis Services Tabular BI Semantic model with SQL Server 2012
16:12-17:12 What's new in Integration Services 2012?
17:12-18:12 Manageability Enhancements of SQL Server 2012
18:12-19:12 Building the Perfect BI Semantic Tabular models for Power View
19:12-20:12 SQL Server 2012 and Big Data
20:12-21:12 Extending your data to the cloud
21:12-22:12 Database Schema Management & Deployment using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
22:12-23:12 Inside SQL Azure: Self Governing, Self-Healing, Massively Scalable Database Service in the Cloud
23:12-00:12 Performance and High-Availability at Scale with SQL Server 2012
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