Dive into the summer with ISVs : Leveraging the Web.

We kicked off the ISV Summer beginning of July where we invited you to dive into the following topics :  Leveraging the Cloud, Unlocking your Data and Mobility Scenarios.


Now it's time for the 4th and last topic: Leveraging the Web

What is the most used application on a computer nowadays? Most likely it will be the web browser. The Web and the web browser have quickly become a user's natural habitat, a familiar environment, and with Web 2.0, a place to work, interact and play.

You as an independent software vendor (ISV) can take advantage of this in many ways. The Web provides you a marketing platform to reach out to millions of potential customers for your application. In that case, you will want to fully show the beauty of the web on your website to stand out and attract these customers.
On the other hand, you can use the Web as your application platform to build web applications or to extend your desktop application with existing web services (e.g. mapping functionality, social media integration, etc.) to augment your core application business value.

Have a look at our website and discover a handpicked choice of articles, white papers and videos explaining what Microsoft web technologies can bring to you as an ISV.

Find all the information here !
And of course: enjoy your holiday!
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