New IE10 Platform Preview 2 for download: CSS3 Floats, Drag & Drop, File Reader API, Web Workers, and more

The second release of a Platform Preview (PP) for Internet Explorer 10 is now available. In this PP2, the IE team has implemented a very big number of new site-ready HTML5 technologies and continued working on improving performance.
As a web of front-end developer, you can now download this standalone version, test the features, play with it and give feedback back to Microsoft.

Some of the new technologies include:

  • Positioned Floats
  • CSS3 Gradients (on all image types)
  • CSS stylesheet limit lifted
  • CSSOM Floating Point Value support
  • Improved hit testing APIs
  • Media Query Listeners
  • HTML5: Support for async attribute on script elements
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • HTML5 File API
  • HTML5 Sandbox
  • HTML5 Web Workers

Recommended resources and further reading

Furthermore, Microsoft continues working on experimental standards by providing Prototypes through HTML5 Labs. This is the case for IndexedDB, WebSockets, Media Capture API and FileAPI, which has now been added to IE10 PP2.

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