eBook: Delivering Modern Apps as a Service with Microsoft Azure

Happy New Year!  As you may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging over the past year or two.  However, I think I have very good reason.   Over the last few years I have been actively working on building a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution on Microsoft Azure.  I’m now preparing to launch this service as a startup and have decided to take my readers along for the ride.  More importantly I documented the process I took to build this service and will be releasing it first as a blog series and subsequently as a complete eBook.  The following is an early draft of the cover as well as the table of contents:

  1. Defining the Modern App
  2. Microsoft Azure and PaaS
  3. What makes an App 'Social'
  4. Creating Modern Apps with Social
  5. Social Authentication and Identity
  6. Delivering your App as a Service
  7. Single Tenant vs Multi-Tenant Architecture
  8. Onboarding new Subscribers
  9. Subscriptions and Payment
  10. Provisioning your App and Backend
  11. Storage Options
  12. Configuration
  13. Going Mobile with Xamarin
  14. Azure Mobile Services
  15. Case Study: 'Modern Appz' 


Every two weeks I will publish a blog post with a subsection of each chapter and will prefix the post with ‘Modern Apps: [Topic]’.  I will also publish the associated source code to GitHub.  The complete end to end process, diagrams, source code and related resources will be in the published eBook entitled: ‘Delivering Modern Apps as a Service on Microsoft Azure’.

I look forward to interacting with my readers.  Please feel free to comment, share your feedback or ask any question at all.  Remember, no question is a dumb question… we all had to start the learning process somewhere.

Don’t miss a thing…

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