Getting Ready for BPOS Launch – simple steps for Australian partners

I'm getting quite a few questions as expected from partners on what they can do today to get ready for our BPOS launch. We are working on event plans etc to help do some deep dives but all you need to get started is already available online.

I'd suggest the following courses in the PLC to get you moving:

1. Step 1 - research the basics of the SaaS marketplace by taking the following short courses

2. Step 2 - Take the MS Online Services training as follows and then pass the assessment, to register your business as a qualified BPOS advisor in the Microsoft program.

It's important that partners who want to be early adopters do these steps in Australia. As we begin to look for first stage launch partners we will be inviting the organisations who have already signed up as Microsoft Online Services partners in the portal to be the initial group launch of partners.

3. Step 3 - go deeper into MS Online via the full PLC courses available (posted on my blog here)

4. Step 4 - wait a few weeks for us to come back with launch plans in partnership with Telstra - in the meantime you can do your own internal business planning on how to seize the opportunities this will create.

As always, any questions, feel free to ask me directly.

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  1. " SAN FRANCISCO — Nov. 17, 2008 — Today, at a launch event in San Francisco, Stephen

  2. Whilst aimed at US partners of course (as the service is only live in the US at present) I think Australian

  3. As part of our gearing up to launch Microsoft Online in Australia, in partnership with Telstra, we’ve

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