Latest Surface Demos and Releases – check these out


I watch closely the progress on Surface and there are some meaningful commercial launches now and secondly of course many more ‘lab’ developments going on. A good place to stay in touch is the Surface team blog. Here are some recent developments all in shiny video format:


1. Launch of the AT&T Surface device – see the first commercial application live for Surface working

2. The next commercial device to be launched – Harrah’s Las Vegas entertainment device

Video: Microsoft Surface at the Rio in Las Vegas

3. And spotted by Steve Clayton this is amazing – showing the mash up of Seadragon Deep Zoom technology on the Surface device plus a never-seen-before skunkworks application at the end of the video


4. Basic SDK demo – this is interesting to see how easy development for the Surface platform could be with the SDK

I am sure we will see more developments soon – and hopefully a Surface device in Australia – I keep asking !!

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