Mistake in Gold and Certified Partner Newsletter

For all Gold Certified & Certified Partners,

Please note that the leading Feature article in this month's Gold Certified & Certified newsletter contains information which is not applicable to you as our Gold & Certified Partners, only to our Registered Partners.

The article we are referring to is:


Action Pack: From Software to Sales!

Looking for ways to meet your sales goals? The Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) is a key tool full of resources that will drive your business, increase your skills and give you hands on experience with the latest Microsoft software. It provides your business with a range of not-for-sale licenses, including Small Business Server, Windows Exchange Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio* Each toolkit comes complete with demos, sales resources, and more. If you haven't yet got an Action Pack Subscription, get one today for just AU$699 p.a. Find out more information about MAPS and order online.
* Requires the Web add on kit


We are sorry about any confusion caused. The Action Pack is only for registered partners - Gold and Certified partners get all the software they need (more than Action Pack) via the internal use software benefits of the program.

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