EA Debt

(Note: I’ve added an addendum to this post) It has been many years that we have lived with the concept of technical debt.  Martin Fowler did a good job of describing the concept in a 2003 article on his wiki.  Basically, the idea is that you can make a quick-and-dirty change to software.  You will…


Placing Architecture Properly into Scrum Processes

As I’m about to complete my share of a longer engagement on using Lean principles to improve the processes at an online services firm, it occurred to me that the efforts we undertook to properly embed Architecture practices into their Scrum process were novel.  I haven’t seen much written about how to do this in…


Time-to-Release – the missing System Quality Attribute

I’ve been looking at different ways to implement the ATAM method these past few weeks.  Why?  Because I’m looking at different ways to evaluate software architecture and I’m a fan of the ATAM method pioneered at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.  Along the way, I’ve realized that there is a flaw that…


Introducing: Ecosystem Quality Attributes

There are benefits to taking an idea from one domain and applying it to another.  We all know of the famous case of “software patterns” that emerged from the concept of architectural patterns developed by Christopher Alexander for the world of building design.  Similarly, we have recently seen the emergence of checklists in medicine which…


Design for Business Agility: Can Mathematical Models be developed?

Sometimes, if you multi-task two different activities, your mind finds connections between them that would not be otherwise obvious.  I’m listening to a podcast on Design for Six Sigma and Design for Innovation in Manufacturing.  At the same time, I’m writing out e-mail on an integrated systems design that I’m working through with my internal organization….