Azure – Practitioners Guides

I think that this post by Bill Zack is pretty useful. The post lists resources for everyone who wants to learn more about Azure and the Microsoft “Platform as a Service” strategy.  Please feel free to share the link.


Should IT run “like a business” or “like a non-profit?”

Why is it so hard to run IT like a business?  Because, I can choose to be a customer of a business, and I can choose not to be a customer.  Businesses don’t mind because there are usually lots of potential customers, so getting a market share of 1% can lead to a great deal…


Want the Software Quality Attributes of a service? — ask the customer!

Nilesh starts blogging, and his first post is of such high quality that I have to rave about it here.  Nilesh Bhide, a trusted colleague of mine and a terrific architect, brings forth a tidbit of information too often overlooked: we can learn a great deal about the expectations, and therefore requirements, for our online services…


Standardization works with a limited, and rational, scope

I’ve been on a roll lately, calling for the creating of a standardized approach to the partitioning of Line-of-Business apps.  One reader commented that we are a long way from “plug and play” integration. The real answer is more subtle than that.  Not all business are alike.  Therefore, one standard for all software doesn’t make…


The battle for the net-top heats up

Sometimes, in a long struggle, a goal that was strategic one day, becomes unimportant later.  This happens when some underlying assumption is challenged, when some previously secure resource becomes unavailable, or when the behavior of large groups of people shifts. (Caveat: my views are my own, and may or may not be shared by my…


Focusing on Customer 2.0

There’s been talk, for years now, about concepts like Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0.  We are all so enamored with technology, we sometimes forget that it is about the customer.  There is a Customer 2.0 in here, and I’d like to speak to her. Have you met Kai?  Kai is the name that we (the…


How do I fix the broken stuff?

No organization is perfect.  We each can look around and say “stuff is broken here.” So, how to fix things? First off, why fix things?  After all, if I am a lowly programmer, it is not up to me to fix things, right?  After all, they pay executives, don’t they?  Shouldn’t an executive earn their…


The Unimportant SOA Catalog

Have you ever woke up in the morning with an idea in your head that you simply have to write down?  I just did.  Here’s the idea: Everyone talks about how important the catalog (or repository) is to Service Oriented Architecture.  It isn’t. The reason everyone wants a catalog is simple: If I create a…


What is the REST high-order bit?

Harry Pierson asks a great question in his post on REST (A REST Question).  I’ll summarize his excellent post this way: what makes something RESTful?  Is it the protocol or is it the constraints in the architectural style? My take. Rest is succeeding where SOAP has had a hard time.  Clearly, the REST folks are doing…


Web 2.0 vs. the IT department

Michael Platt posted a set of observations recently that offered up some troubling conclusions.  In his post, which you should read, he noted that most of the folks interested in creating Web 2.0 sites were not talking to their IT departments to make them happen.  These creative and interested business and marketing leaders were turning…