Does anonymity promote ill-informed consensus?

There are a spate of new Social Media apps that have emerged lately, all of which allow people to post comments and ideas anonymously.  They are being quickly adopted, especially among the very important 13-18 year old “adolescent market.”  They are also being quickly banned for promoting cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and otherwise cruel behavior.  Does anonymity…


Ten Ways to Kill An Enterprise Architecture Practice

Have you seen practices that you know could kill an Enterprise Architecture practice?  I have.  A recent LinkedIn thread asked for examples, and I came up with my top ten.  I’d love to hear your additions to the list. How to screw up an EA practice Get a senior leader to ask for EA without…


Has in-person communication become the unwilling victim of technology?

In Enterprise Architecture, one of the most important aspects of the job is not only to communicate, but to lead change.  In other words, it is great to have the data to point to a problem in an enterprise.  It is better to help that enterprise overcome it by changing something (processes, technology, training, staff…


Podcast on the Enterprise Architecture profession–Interview with CIPS’s Stephen Ibaraki

Way back in April, I announced the first of two podcasts with the Canadian Information Processing Society.  I just realized this weekend that I had not announced the availability of the second of those podcasts.  Error corrected. The second podcast, once again hosted by the inimitable Stephen Ibaraki, focuses much more on the growth and…


Speaking at TechEd New Zealand on Business Architecture

Haven’t  been to New Zealand yet, but I will be there soon… From September 4 through 7 in Auckland, for TechEd New Zealand.  I will be presenting two topics (Business architecture for non architects, and Aligning IT with capabilities). Now, normally you wouldn’t see Enterprise Architecture topics on a TechEd calendar.  However, in the NZ…


Conversational Antipatterns on Message Boards

Architects argue.  I have, over the past year, spent a good bit of time on LinkedIn Message boards.  I’ve watched a lot of people argue.  I’ve learned a great deal about Enterprise Architecture, and a few things about myself, as I’ve compared notes with individuals who have different perspectives and motivations.  That said, some patterns…


EA Certifications Distilled

Mike Walker, one of my colleagues here at Microsoft, has done an excellent job of distilling various options for EA certification.  He made this presentation at the most recent Open Group Conference.  Strong Recommend. Enterprise Architecture Certifications Distilled View more PowerPoint from Mike Walker


On the road to a Business Architecture Manifesto

One very powerful metaphor that has reverberated throughout the technical community, in the past few years, was the Agile Manifesto.  Created by a group of folks who wanted to communicate the principles that drove their thinking, the Agile Manifesto has been a very useful tool for deciding if a particular practice is being done well. …


Podcasts with the Canadian Information Processing Society

I was honored, recently, when the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) decided to interview me on the topics of Enterprise Architecture.  The first of those interviews has appeared on the CIPS.CA web site.  You can link to it from here.


Wikipedia’s EA article, second pass

After a rather protracted discussion on LinkedIn about the Wikipedia article on Enterprise Architecture (blogged here), I took another swing at rewriting the EA article’s opening section.  It is far from perfect, but I encourage the folks who have been following this discussion to take a look.  The change I made was fairly straight-forward: -…