MSBI–Part 2—What is a core diagram?

In her wildly popular book, Enterprise Architecture As Strategy, Dr. Jeanne Ross describes the use of “core diagrams” in Enterprise Architecture.  Shortly after introducing the notion of “operating models”, she provided four example “core diagrams” from successful companies and noted that each diagram reflected the specific challenges that companies with similar operating models would face….


Creating a Core Diagram for Agile Business

Today, I gave my talk at the Open Group conference that presents a step-by-step method for creating a core diagram that is useful for agile business.  I will blog a series of posts on the topic to share this information to my friends and colleagues on the web. I will create the following posts.  As…


To create a roadmap, we need to know what it is supposed to accomplish

I’ve been involved in a number of meetings recently as our IT teams try to come to consensus on answering this question: What is a Roadmap?  It’s been a fascinating series of discussions.  One thing that strikes me is that most of the internal discussions, and many of the discussions I’ve seen online, are only…


Video Podcast: How Microsoft Does Enterprise Architecture

It is amazing how often I need to share the very basic concept of Enterprise Architecture with my peers, customers, stakeholders, and associates.  Microsoft’s customers often ask about Enterprise Architecture, and when our customers come to visit us in the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, they are more frequently bringing their Enterprise Architects along for the…


Segment Architecture in a Commercial Setting

The notion of an Enterprise Architect in a Segment (aka “Segment Architect”) has been fairly well described in for the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework.  (FSAM reference).  It is not always well understood, and there are a small number of blog posts that disparage the concept.  That said, in a federal context, the politics of enterprise…


The ivory tower is a distant memory

Just reading through a LinkedIn thread on “the biggest problem facing Enterprise Architecture,” and I noticed one response that struck a chord.  Charles Wade stated the biggest problem as: “Practicality! We spend allot[sic] of time in the Ivory Tower of Ego and don’t know how to apply EA.” Yep.  I was there once.  Rare air…