Feedback requested: Information driven process design

An esteemed associate of mine asked me recently if I believe that a conceptual information model, created and delivered independently from a process model, can be considered useful when attempting to improve a business.  In other words, if you have an conceptual information model, can you use it directly, or do you need to produce…


Understanding SOBA

Just ran across, quite by accident, a blog post from last spring from Johan den Haan on the "Architectural requirements for Service Oriented Business Applications."  This is a clear, consistent, well described web post on SOA and service architecture.  I recommend it highly.


Adopting a new technology like Oslo

Sometimes, when something new comes along, the best way to see it being useful is to see it being used.  Think about it.  If I went back to 1960 and visited a family somewhere in the midwest of the USA, and explained a “computer chip” to them, would they see value?  Maybe.  Probably not.  Life…