Is placing the assembly in the database next?

In SAP implementations, the ABAP code that performs the functions of various business processes is stored in the database, or so I’m told.  I was having a discussion a few days back with an architect who works closely with SAP, and has for years.  His take: now that SQL Server Yukon can call .net code…


Developer accountability? How about PM accountability!

There’s some current talk in the Agile community about making developers more accountable in the agile process.  Apparently, the problem is that developers will commit to delivering too many features in an iteration, and if they slip on the features, they say “so what… we’ll do that in the next iteration.”  That is laziness, plain…


Ajax and Soap, again

I’m flattered by all the attention my statements are getting on comparing Ajax with SOA web services.  Another one popped up over night: Dare Obasanjo  with the statement: “This is probably one of the most bogus posts I’ve ever seen written by a Microsoft employee.” So first off, a disclaimer: I’m an employee of Microsoft, but…


Is SQL XML a bad idea?

I worry that we may have created a monster. The fact that you can now submit an XML document to SQL Server and it will break it apart for you, storing the parts into tables… it’s a pretty compelling idea.  However, it also ties the persistence mechanism (SQL) to the communication mechanism (the XML document)….


Killing the Helper class, part two

Earlier this week, I blogged on the evils of helper classes.  I got a few very thoughful responses, and I wanted to try to address one of them.  It is far easier to do that with a new entry that trying to respond in the messages. If you didn’t read the original post, I evaluated…


Coding Dojo concept: one kata for each common design pattern

Time to combine two basic ideas: the idea of the coding dojo and the idea of design patterns as an essential element of development training. For those of you who haven’t seen my previous posts on a coding dojo, the concept is that a karate dojo is a safe place to come and practice elemental…


Why Ajax can be safely ignored for a SOA adoption program

While it is interesting that a wide variety of consulting and product companies have tried to brand themselves as “the” experts on Service Orientation, there are a few examples of good sites that, although sharing corporate sponsorship, managed to describe SOA principles in a way that is fairly neutral.  The important thing to remember, even…


Are Helper Classes Evil?

First off, a definition: A helper class is a class filled with static methods.  It is usually used to isolate a “useful” algorithm.  I’ve seen them in nearly every bit of code I’ve reviewed.  For the record, I consider the use of helper classes to be an antipattern.  In other words, an extraordinarily bad idea…


Whose name is in the namespace?

There’s more than one way to group your code.  Namespaces provide a mechanism for grouping code in a heirarchical tree, but there is precious little discussion about the taxonomy that designers and architects should use when creating namespaces.  This post is my attempt to describe a good starting place for namespace standards. We have a tool:…


On Atlas/Ajax and SOA

I ran across a blog entry that attempts to link Atlas/Ajax to SOA.  What absolute nonsense! The technology, for those not familiar, is the use of XMLHTTP to link fine-grained data services on a web server to the browser in order to improve the user experience.  This is very much NOT a part of Service…