Developing a standard for naming web services within the enterprise

Sometimes, the first person to speak up, and point out a problem, gets to be involved in solving it.  I find that cool.  (Call me crazy).

Last year, I decided to try to get various folks within Microsoft IT to discuss a naming standard for web services that could be used across the enterprise.  My attempt didn't get a lot of notice, and fell pretty silent.  However, the issue woke up recently now that we have web services that are starting to deploy, in production, across the enterprise.  Folks want their namespaces to be right, because changing the namespace later often means that the client app has to be recompiled (or someone gets to edit the WSDL file).

So, traction is starting to develop.  I am hopeful.  I'll post progress here...

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  1. Sean Chase says:

    I’d also be interested in reading about other people’s experience with this process from an iterative standpoint. Basically learnings from initial design ideas to the actual implementation of naming ASMX files to adopting namespaces. Very cool post!

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