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SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Implementers Course

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This course teaches implementers how to leverage features in SharePoint Server to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ECM systems are designed to manage large amounts of content, including content in the form of documents and content in pages, wiki libraries, blog posts, and other types of non-document content. Document management is the heart of ECM. Document management in SharePoint Server consists of a rich feature set that includes tight integration to Microsoft Office client applications, standard version-control features, and innovative features that allow SharePoint Server to bridge the gap between a folder-based mindset of the typical user and the metadata-based mindset of a records manager. This course develops the key skills that are necessary to deploy SharePoint Server for ECM solutions at organizations of any size. Larger organizations should start with this course and supplement it with expertise in large-scale ECM implementations, whereas medium and smaller organizations may find all they need in this course to implement their systems successfully.

SharePoint for Internet Sites Implementers Course

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This course describes how to implement and brand a SharePoint based public web site using SharePoint web content management (WCM). Once the course is completed, you will be able to implement a SharePoint deployment of a branded web site with structured content management. You will also be able to successfully plan, deploy, monitor, and maintain an Internet site on SharePoint. No development experience is required, but experience with HTML and CSS is recommended.

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