Windows Home Server – Power Pack 3 Arrives

Hi All,

The next major update for Windows Home Server, Power Pack 3, was set to roll out starting November 24th. The new update will deliver support for the newly launched Windows 7 operating system as it will allow WHS computers to back up and restore Windows 7 PCs. It will also offer Windows 7 Library integration, enhancements for Windows Media Center, and better support for netbooks, reports the Windows Home Server blog.

With the Libraries integration, WHS users can install the WHS Connector on computers running Windows 7 in order to access the server’s shared folders from within their Libraries, just like how other network shares can also be added to a particular Library.

Other changes include the addition of Windows Search 4, a TV archive, and a console view which you can read more about in the full list of updates available here

Windows Home Server users won’t have to do anything special to receive the update assuming they already have Automatic Updates turned on. If so, the update will be installed automatically. 


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